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Here at Metro Brokers Grand Junction Inc. we answer to our clients, our community and to each other. As independent businesses, we do not have the same pressures of answering to a corporate office that other Real Estate offices have. This distinct difference often allows us to run our businesses our way, the way that works for our clients and our brokers. With flexibility to apply our own marketing strategies, commission rates, education and training options to serve our clients, you can choose a broker that best fits with what you are looking for from your Real Estate agent.

Our mission is simple. We create an environment that empowers our brokers and allows them to provide their clients with the best possible real estate experience, every time.

Heath & Company Realtors

Photo of Hal Heath
Hal Heath

Hansen & Associates Realty

Photo of realtor Dee Dee Hansen
Dee Dee Hansen

DKT Realty, Inc.

Debbie Thomas

Karie Hill O'Connor & Company

Photo of realtor Karie O'Connor
Karie Hill-O'Connor

Gear & Associates Realty


Janell Gear

Felecia Bishop Realty

Photo of realtor Felecia Bishop
Felecia Bishop

Rick Thurtle & Associates

Photo of realtor Felecia Bishop
Rick Thurtle

High Desert Realty

Photo of realtor Karie O'Connor
Cindy Dickey

Alyssa Needham Realty, LLC

Photo of realtor Alyssa Nicole Needham
Alyssa Nicole Needham

Gear & Associates Realty


Shannon Henrich